Profile of Graduates


HAFTR graduates are prepared to be lifelong learners and engaged, responsible citizens who are guided by Torah and the values of Modern Orthodoxy.


Academic Achievement

HAFTR provides students with a rigorous, challenging program of Common Core, New York State Regents, and Advanced Placement curricula in General Studies. HAFTR students also engage in a robust curriculum of Judaic Studies courses.

Through HAFTR’s comprehensive academic experience, students will:

Become lifelong learners and will master the skills necessary for success in higher education and career.
Develop sophisticated critical thinking, analytical, and reasoning skills.
Demonstrate proficiency in literacy skills across curricula.
Understand the importance of technology with the ability to utilize it in a responsible and ethical way.
Cultivate an appreciation for the arts and utilize the arts as a means of self expression.


HAFTR students participate in extensive extracurricular activities that facilitate students’ social and emotional development, as well as their unique passions and interests.

Graduates will:

Develop leadership skills through practical experience and service opportunities in order to become confident, independent, and positive role models.
Establish the ability to work effectively and collaboratively as part of a team.
Demonstrate responsibility by responding positively to setbacks or adversity.
Effectively advocate for themselves.
Model integrity, responsibility and respect for themselves and others.
Appreciate diversity and individual differences.
Value good citizenship and the principles of democracy.

Jewish Leadership

HAFTR graduates are well-prepared through their rigorous study of Torah, Jewish History and Zionism to serve as leaders on their college campuses, in their communities and in their professions.

Graduates will:

Practice and continue the study of Torah and Jewish texts.
Build and strengthen Jewish communal life.
Advocate effectively on behalf of the state of Israel.
Model leadership through chesed (service) and tzedakah (charity).
Sustain and strengthen Jewish religious, educational and social service institutions in the United States and Israel.

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