The HAFTR Mission

Inspiring Jewish Leaders


HAFTR is a co-educational Modern Orthodox yeshiva that strives to instill in our students a love of Hashem, lifelong learning, community, and Israel. Our rigorous dual curricular education in Limudei Kodesh and general studies prepares future generations of leaders, bnei /bnot Torah, and critical thinkers. We facilitate our students’ pursuit of academic excellence and development of a personal relationship with Hashem and middot tovot in a caring learning environment.



We develop responsible and engaged citizens and leaders who are guided by Torah, mitzvot, ahavat Yisrael, Tzionut, chesed, and the values of Modern Orthodoxy. We facilitate students’ realizing their maximum potential as future Jewish leaders and representatives of the Jewish people. 


We celebrate the uniqueness of each child in our community of learners by providing innovative, stimulating, and varied learning opportunities that address each student’s specific developmental needs. We believe in a strong partnership between home and school in cultivating our students’ development. 


We imbue students with a love of the Jewish State of Israel and an appreciation for the United States of America.  We strive to contribute positively to our society, we value diverse opinions, and appreciate that we are part of a global community. 

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