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Response To Intervention

Response-to-intervention (RTI) is a support system for supporting students who are experiencing a need for support in the realms of behavior and/or academics. If you find that your child is struggling academically and/or behaviorally, your first call or email should be to your child’s teacher. However, if you find that your child is continuing to struggle, please contact Mrs. Schmutter. HAFTR Lower School’s Pupil Personnel Team will discuss your concerns and connect with you to make an action plan to provide more targeted support for your child. Depending on the area of concern, these interventions may include observations, assessments, short-term counseling, or targeting support in reading comprehension. Your child’s progress will be measured, and the Pupil Personnel Team will contact you regarding progress. Most of the time, students do make good progress following the initial intervention. Students who require more intensive interventions following the Tier 1 intervention receive that support, where progress continues to be monitored. A referral to the Committee on Special Education (CSE) is made when students struggle after receiving Tier 1 and Tier 2 support.

With regard to Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions, HAFTR Lower School provides at-risk, in-house support for students who have lagging skills in either Limudei Kodesh or General studies across all grade levels. These supports come in various forms, including Double Dose Fundations in Kindergarten, small group reading, math, and kriah pull-out groups, and short-term push-in support. This said, special education is not only for students who have lagging skills but also students who benefit from enrichment or advancement. We are proud to offer a variety of enrichment opportunities across all grade levels. These may include, Book Club, Math Club, both weekly enrichment opportunities for students who show a proficiency in reading or math skills. Additionally students in third – fifth grade who demonstrate high IQ scores participate in our weekly TOTS (Thinkers of Tomorrow) program, where they further develop critical thinking skills and have an opportunity to participate in a school wide performance. Students in fifth grade who demonstrate a strong foundation in math skills and concepts can participate in our Math League, a nationwide math competition.

On a macro level, Special education is about differentiating in service of providing appropriate support and challenges to students who are in need of them.

Shelley Schmutter
Director of Special Education

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