Choosing HAFTR

Choosing HAFTR means embracing academic excellence in a nurturing, vibrant community enriched by Jewish values. We value individuality, foster comprehensive growth, and blend Jewish teachings with diverse academics to spark lifelong learning. Join HAFTR, where we celebrate traditions, support each other, and empower students to shape tomorrow.

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HAFTR values each child’s uniqueness, nurturing comprehensive growth in a secure setting, all enriched by our core Jewish teachings.


HAFTR promotes academic excellence and Jewish values, nurturing students to become tomorrow’s leaders through critical thinking and moral guidance.


Our curriculum ignites love for learning and critical thinking, blending Jewish teachings with diverse academic subjects for our students’ well-rounded future.


HAFTR, more than a school, is a diverse community celebrating Jewish traditions, mutual support, and shared milestones in our students’ and families’ lives.

Shaping The Future

One Student At A Time

Student Life

HAFTR offers a vibrant student life enriched by clubs, sports, and activities, all underpinned by our deeply rooted Jewish values, making our school a nurturing and collaborative second home.

Learning Resources

Provide educational materials, such as e-books, interesting articles, and learning games. This can be an engaging way for students to extend their learning outside the classroom.

Teacher's Corner

This could be a blog or vlog where teachers share insights, discuss their teaching philosophy, or talk about exciting classroom projects. It's a way to highlight HAFTR's staff expertise and dedication.

From Nursery

At HAFTR, our educational journey begins in nursery, where we spark curiosity and ignite a lifelong love of learning.

To Graduation

Our commitment continues through to graduation, where we proudly witness our students, now young adults, stepping into the world as confident, compassionate leaders rooted in Jewish values.

Pioneering Minds
STEM Education at HAFTR

We Are Open For Tours!

Discover the HAFTR difference! We’re now open for school tours. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Hebrew Academy Of Five Towns

Standing Tall as the Largest Jewish School

As the largest Jewish school, HAFTR is a dynamic blend of academic excellence, innovative learning, and a rich Jewish heritage. Our size allows us to offer an impressive range of educational opportunities while maintaining a nurturing environment. Experience the HAFTR difference as we champion diversity, foster community, and create leaders of tomorrow.

Community Chesed Participation
Graduate On Time
Student Retention
Quality Of Teachers

5 Towns 1 HAFTR

The Heart of the 5 towns

HAFTR stands as a beacon of Jewish education and innovation in the heart of the Five Towns. We unite students from diverse backgrounds, creating an enriching fusion of perspectives that enhances our innovative learning environment. Rooted in Jewish values and tradition, we champion forward-thinking education. At HAFTR, students from across the Five Towns converge to engage in a journey of growth, discovery, and celebration of Jewish heritage.

Parents' Corner
Experiences at HAFTR

Joh Doe


Our experience at HAFTR has been nothing short of exceptional. The teachers are devoted, the curriculum is engaging, and our children love going to school each day. The emphasis on Jewish values alongside academic achievement is exactly what we were looking for.

Jane Doe


We've been a HAFTR family for several years now and couldn't be happier. The school is innovative, the community is warm, and the Jewish education is top-notch. It's truly a nurturing environment where our children are growing and thriving.

John Doe


Choosing HAFTR was one of the best decisions we've made for our child's education. The faculty is passionate and the facilities are impressive. We appreciate the balance of secular and Jewish studies, providing a comprehensive education.

Jane Doe


HAFTR has a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. We love the diverse and vibrant community that celebrates Jewish traditions. The academic standards are high and our kids are being well-prepared for their future.

John Doe


We appreciate the rigorous academic curriculum at HAFTR, but what we love most is the sense of community. The school fosters an environment where students feel seen, heard, and valued. We're proud to be part of the HAFTR family.

HAFTR Events

Connect, Celebrate, and Engage

Cap and Gown: HAFTR's Graduation Ceremony

Join us as we celebrate the achievements and milestones of our graduating class. This is more than a ceremony; it’s a testament to our students’ hard work, resilience, and the powerful education they’ve received at HAFTR. As they step into the future, we take pride in their journey and look forward to seeing them flourish in their next chapters.

Year End Trips

Date: 11 June 2023 Location : Long Island Zoo
Trip Cost: $10.00

Kindergarten Play

Date: 11 September 2023 Location : HAFTR Grand Hall Ticket : $10.00

HAFTR's Guiding Lights

naomi - haftr high school principle
josh wyner haftr
josh gold haft principle
Yali Haftr
naomi - haftr high school principle

Naomi Lippman

High School Principal

josh wyner haftr

Josh Wyner

Associate Principal - High School

josh gold haft principle

Josh Gold

Lower & Middle School Principal

Temima Feldman

Assistant Principal - Lower School

Yali Haftr

Yali Werzberger

Associate Principal - Middle School

Hannah Lippman

Early Childhood Director

Tova Zucker

Assistant Principal - Lower School

Jewish legacy meets modern education


Beyond The Classroom

Extracurriculars That Shape Character

Beyond the Classroom’ at HAFTR is about providing diverse opportunities for our students to explore, grow, and create – shaping well-rounded individuals who are not just academically proficient, but also artistically vibrant, socially adept, and emotionally resilient.

Early Childhood News

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Middle School

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